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Benefits of Joining REAP
Local Governments Benefits of Deregulation
Cities and towns were uniquely positioned to benefit from utility deregulation for several reasons.
  • First, municipalities represent one of the most valued ratepayers in the country because of their financial stability.
  • Second, municipalities are large purchasers of electricity. Collectively, cities and towns in Rhode Island annually spend in excess of $13 million dollars for their electricity.
  • Third, the time of day usage of electricity by many cities and towns makes them ideal and attractive consumers for energy suppliers.
  • Fourth, electric suppliers value municipalities for their name recognition or marquis value.

Benefits of Joining Rhode Island Energy Aggregation Program (REAP)
  • Creative program management and development by an organization, which for 35 years has been dedicated to serving the needs of cities and towns.
  • Expertise from nationally recognized consultants in understanding the deregulated energy marketplace.
  • Participation in a larger group that passes on the benefits of economy of scale and maximizes energy savings.
  • Technical resources to develop a master RFP for an energy supplier that is the most responsive to municipal energy needs and budgets.
  • An open, competitive selection process that seeks to maximize the quality and number of energy suppliers.
  • Expertise to structure and negotiate the terms and conditions of a master contract that best meets the needs of its membership.
  • An advisory committee composed of local officials to provide valuable input and strategic direction to the energy consortium
  • On-going monitoring of savings calculations, current market conditions, and future market opportunities.

Why REAP Makes Sense 
  • Buying power to get the best-priced energy
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Reliable supply and delivery of electric power and energy
  • Extensive energy assessment
  • Services tailored to your energy requirements
  • Professional energy management by experienced industry leaders
  • Accurate, timely, and on-demand energy monitoring for maximum energy efficiency

For more information on REAP, please contact the League by calling (401) 272-3434.