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Membership Benefits
Member Programs & Services
The League has as one of its primary objectives the creation and implementation of services and programs, which benefit cities and towns, and since its formation in 1968, the League has demonstrated its resourcefulness in developing innovative services to meet the ever-changing needs of its membership.

The Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust
When a crisis erupted in the mid-1980's in the cost and availability of worker's compensation insurance, and property and liability insurance for cities and towns, the League stepped forward with the formation of the Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust, a member-owned, intergovernmental risk management pool. Today, the "Trust" is the premier provider of risk management insurance to most of Rhode Island's cities, towns, school districts, housing authorities, public libraries, and fire districts.

The Rhode Island Energy Aggregation Program
Immediately upon the passage of the Rhode Island Utility Restructuring Act of 1996, the League aggressively explored the formation of an energy purchasing collaborative to capitalize on the potential savings its membership might realize in their costs for electricity and other energy related services. This innovative and ground-breaking program known as the Rhode Island Energy Aggregation Program became a reality in July 1999 and it has enabled Rhode Island’s cities and towns to reap over $30 million in electricity savings!

U.S. Communities Program
The League announced in 2004 the development of yet another new and exciting program for its member cities and towns. The U.S. Communities Program provides all local agencies in the U.S. with publicly, competitively bid contracts for various products and services. Through the buying power of larger purchasers in the U.S. Communities Program, all local government agencies receive access to excellent pricing and contract terms.